Guest Ramble

My last 2 Rambles seem to have awoken the Inner-Rambler out of one of our readers. Trevor is massively into his rugby (he founded the iconic & global @rugbyunited) & lucky for us massively into Patchwork Pate as well. This Ramble/Homage is too cool not to share with you, I thought I was a Pate enthusiasts until I read this, Trevor makes savoury Pate Pancakes!  

Please have a read & I hope you enjoy it as much as we did, plus if you too feel the urge to be a guest Rambler then we’re waiting!

 So over to you Trevor:

So, if you’re reading this, you are probably fashionably know as a “foodie”. You’ve been to a few food fairs, more local farmers markets than you care to mention and spend far too much on the weekly food shop. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also spend time making meals out of leftovers in the fridge from getting carried away with all the deals.

I’m a big fan of Patchwork Foods and especially their pates. I love the brand, I love what they stand for, I love the back story and I’ve got quite a lot of time for the Carter family behind it.

I’m a regular buyer of their pates, have a good supply in the freezer all year round. Pate is not just for Christmas you know! (as Rufus’s Ramble tells us here)

A Saturday night buffet for two – some cheese, some biscuits and go on, then, let’s lift out some pate too! What flavour do you fancy? I don’t know, lift a few out…. and the inevitable happens, we end up with a few, half eaten pates.  This has happened on so many occasions, we’ve got rather handy at using up left over Patchwork Pate, and using their amazing flavours to add to a number of dishes.

If you’ve got left over pate, here’s my top ten of what you can do with them….

  1. Got some left over Stilton and Pear? Add it to some pasta, a dash of white and some green vegetables for a good mid week pasta dish.
  1. Keep a nice big slice of your Sunday Roast Beef. Make a quick savoury pancake. Spread some Welsh Dragon or Brandy and Herb pate over the pancake, wrap it all up in puff pastry and you’ll have a quick easy, individual beef wellington. (Works very well with venison and pheasant and sloe gin pate).
  1. Remember meat paste sandwiches as kids? For a significant posh upgrade, make pate sandwiches for lunch. Add a few cherry tomatoes and rocket on the side, you’ll be the envy of your work mates!
  1. Enrich any pies or casseroles by adding a dollop or two or pate. Add it half way through cooking and you’ll find it adds a great new dimension!
  1. Love a Sunday Roast? Who doesn’t!!! Every Sunday Roast deserves a good gravy. Adding some pate to you gravy will take your Sunday Roast up to the next level, here’s some suggestions;

Beef; try mushroom and garlic or even port and hazelnut!

Turkey; can’t go wrong adding some Tequila and Cranberry pate in to your turkey gravy…. (but don’t wait till Christmas! It will go with your chicken or pork just as well!)

  1. Fed up of all the usual steak sauces? We love adding a good slice of Stilton and Guinness pate on a hot steak. Let it melt a bit before eating. It even goes well to dip your foodie style triple cooked chips in…..
  1. If your a fan of big hearty dishes in the winter, and perhaps doing a lamb or even vegetable tagine, we’ve found the adding some Red Lentil and Sun Dried Tomato Pate in towards the end of cooking (don’t add too soon!), it will thicken it up nice and add a certain taste that will keep your family guessing!
  1. Need a quick pasta dish? Boil up some penne, gnocchi or similar, drain it off, keep some water back and toss through some Spinach and Nutmeg Pate, some frozen peas and a squeeze of lemon. A great take on a simple pasta dish.
  1. Patchwork do a range of pheasant, partridge and duck pates. Talking duck, loosen the skin off the breast of a whole bird. It’s messy, but get your hands in and stuff some pate between the skin and the breast meat. Free Range Duck Pate with Chase Marmalade Vodka on a nice piece of duck? Get some Chase Marmalade Vodka to make a sauce with. You know the measurements, one for the pan, two for the chef….
  1. Spiced Whiskey Pate? Buy a haggis. They are becoming fashionable and prices are starting to rise, you’ll find decent ones in the supermarket and some amazing ones online, small, Large, gluten free, vegetarian the lot. Dead easy to cook, really good value and served with tatties and ‘neaps, it’s a great crowd pleaser and cheap to do. Loosen off the pate with a bit of water, perhaps (carefully!!) add a wee dram more of whiskey and you’ll have an amazing sauce to bring it together.


Next time you buy pate, please don’t buy it “just” to put on toast as a starter. There’s so much more you can do. Over the years, we’ve bought lots of different flavours, and if you’re one for looking in the fridge to use your leftovers, I promise, you’ll get a good supper and/or a very good addition to a number of meals, if you don’t just see pate to put on toast at Christmas!

I’m on twitter at @trevorlarge, I’m not a cook or a chef and hope this inspires you to buy and support Patchwork Foods. See pate as a flavour addition, just like you would a stock, sauce or marinade. You’ll have some great suppers with pate on toast, and just perhaps, you’ll love your pate even more as a “leftover”!!!!”